Monochouce Rendering

Through Coloured Mineral Rendering

Also known as Monocouche, meaning ‘one coat’, this render is scraped to give a pitted texture resembling stone. Monocouche is offered in various colours with a choice of fine or coarse textures. We  can both machine or hand-apply through coloured mineral renders from a range of manufacturers and we are approved applicators for all of the major manufactures in the UK and Europe. We are able to use most modern render materials and can become approved by other manufacturers where architecturally specified.


Monocouche (One Coat) Rendering is a bagged pre mixed, cementious, breathable, external and internal decorative through colour rendering method. The main difference between traditional sand and cement renders and through coloured, ready mixed renders, is that the latter is coloured and the gives a crisp, clean finish, comes in over 50 standard colours (over 220 more available upon request) and allows the building to still “breathe” allowing trapped moisture within the substrate to freely move away from the facade, not allowing trapped moisture to turn into cold or damp spots.

Although more expensive than a traditional sand and cement render in the outset, the application of through coloured render when machine applied is a lot faster than  traditional rendering. External monocouche renders can be applied as one coat depending on the receiving wall substrate rather than two coats as with traditional sand and cement renders. When using a machine application it insures early scaffold release.

Our systems will save you programme time and money as you don’t need wait for monochouce to dry and to be sealed, primed and painted, scaffolding can be removed sooner and the colour will last longer than most masonry paints. The long term benefit with any through coloured rendering system, being longer term savings which will be made due to not having to the repeated scaffolding and redecoration costs.

Many companies offering rendering services will sell through coloured monocouche renders on its own as anti crack-resistant. Monochouce renders can and will crack if the building it is applied on moves.

However, to stop this from happening as much as possible we incorporate an alkali-resistant mesh into where needed into a basecoat render and stress joint reinforcement as standard to provide substrate reinforcement.

For technical information on the best building methods prior to any new build construction to receive a monochouce through colour render system, please do contact us.

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