External Wall Insulation (EWI)

We are approved installers of the latest multi-layer Insulated render systems. The systems consist of bonding and mechanically fixing the mineral, Phenolic or Expanded Polystyrene sheets to the substrate, then applying a base coat and thin-coat or mineral top coat or a scraped through coloured render. These particular systems have reliability and endurance in extremely hot and cold conditions retaining full flexibility in finish and designed to be applied onto many substrates including new build, refurbishment, community regeneration and social housing projects, by offering outstanding quality, cost effectiveness, aligned with added value, while dramatically lowering the u-value of the property or project.

Insulated Render Systems

The external walls of properties built prior to and around 1920 are likely to be of solid rather than cavity wall construction. Cavity walls are made up of two ‘skins’ or layers with a gap between them which acts as an air barrier to reduce heat loss. Solid walls do not have this gap, meaning heat can pass through them more easily, solid wall constructed buildings can have as much of 45% heat loss, hence they can be physically cold and damp to the touch.

The application of External Wall Insulation can also be carried out on properties with cavity walls that aren’t suitable for cavity wall insulation and other non-traditional housing types. We also supply and fix window sill extensions and bespoke coated-polystyrene architectural profiles.

Advantages of External Insulation

In order to combat heat loss and cold bridging problems, we can supply and fix mineral, expanded polystyrene or Phenolic insulation boards to the external face of solid walls and apply a choice of pre-coloured render finishes from a variety of manufacturers. As with render only systems we are trained and accredited to install for a variety of leading manufacturers.

The option of insulating walls on the outside of the supporting wall construction falls into the warm zone and thus is kept warm and dry. This means the supporting wall structures, will act as a heat store.

The insulation thickness is not constrained by the limits of the room space or by the wall cavity and therefore can accommodate all current and future demands for thermal performance.

Cold bridging and interstitial condensation are eliminated and refurbishment can be carried out with little disruption to the tenant and or home owner.

External wall insulation systems coupled with a good heating system will significantly reduce heat loss and in turn, significantly reduce heating costs and lower your utility costs, the added bonus is that you will also give your property a facelift whilst doing your bit to help the environment by bringing down the u-value down and saving the property owner money at the same time.

New Build Development

A brand new development in the external wall insulation market, in new-build, insulating in this position can be combined with simple and reliable single skin construction, providing cost effective, fast programme times and attractive facades.

With BBA accredited Weber.therm XP systems, give one-coat renders. These are revolutionary materials bringing the benefits of fast track application with machine application and early release of scaffolding to thick coat mineral render external wall insulation systems.

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