Environmental Policy

HPS Plastering Contractors Ltd is a specialist contractor in the construction industry, our primary activities being the provision of plastering and rendering, dry lining, metal partitions and ceilings.

We acknowledge and recognise the responsibility to effectively manage and address the key environment issues created by and impacting on our business. It is our intent to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and to monitor progress and move performance forward in this area on a consistent basis. The Managing Director of HPS Plastering Ltd accepts ultimate responsibility to ensure compliance and effectively support the delivery of the environmental objectives of our client.

In order to implement the Company Environmental Policy in accordance with best industry practice and current legislation, HPS Plastering Ltd will conduct its activities on the following criteria:

  1. HPS Plastering Ltd will actively promote and encourage an environmentally responsible approach to the business practices and activities we engage in and to propose environmentally sound alternatives where competitiveness permits and positive benefits can be derived.
  2. The Company will maintain an awareness and understanding of all relevant statutory legislation to ensure compliance.
  3. HPS Plastering Ltd will ensure that all workers (including both employees and subcontracted) are made aware and understand the policy and potential environmental impact of our business activity
  4. As a part of its aim to ensure efficient use of natural resources by minimising waste, conserving energy and water HPS Plastering Ltd will:
    1. Endeavour to keep transport use minimised
    2. Service fleet vehicles regularly to maintain efficiency
    3. Manage work and resources on site to minimise waste and avoid pollution
    4. Recycle waste where possible
    5. Source and use recycled building materials where possible
    6. Provide the information necessary to ensure that materials used are properly stored and disposed of
  5. Participate in discussions on environmental issues
  6. Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors
  7. Take due care and attention to prevent nuisance on site
  8. HPS Plastering Ltd will commit to continual improvement and management of business activities that could impact upon the environment

In order to assist the achievement of the aims and objectives of its Environmental Policy HPS Plastering Ltd will incorporate an Environmental Management System dealing with the following issues:

  • HPS Plastering Ltd will ensure that trained management will be available to provide competent supervision on environmental matters
  • HPS Plastering Ltd will plan operations so as to minimise their impact on the environment
  • HPS Plastering Ltd’s management will attend pre-start meetings to discuss the management of the project and how environmental targets are to be achieved
  • Operations will be monitored on a regular basis so that HPS Plastering Ltd can assess the environmental impact of its actions
  • HPS Plastering Ltd will maintain appropriate records as part the information available within its Health and Safety documentation

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