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The UK’s 26 million homes are becoming old and inefficient with only half being properly insulated. It is believed that some 3 million homes pose significant health risks. Substantial amounts of heat produced in homes escapes through walls, ceilings and windows. As energy prices and fuel costs rise, this issue is becoming of paramount importance to reduce.

What is the Green Deal?

Green Deal and ECO (Energy Company Obligation) is the government’s new flagship policy which aims to assist community regeneration, social housing, homeowners and businesses to invest in energy efficiency improvements. This innovative GD financing mechanism eliminates the need for customers to pay for improvements up front and offers both ECO grants or allows you to pay the money back through the savings on your energy bills.

At the heart of the Green Deal is the ‘Golden Rule’ which stipulates that any repayments, including both equipment cost and loan interest must not exceed the projected energy savings generated as a result of the energy efficiency measures being installed. This repayment charge is attached to the electricity meter at the property, meaning any Green Deal charge will be passed to the new homeowner when the property changes hands.

Not only will your property get a face lift and perhaps improve its value but you will also benefit by reducing your energy bill and helping the reduction of our carbon emissions.

The Green Deal will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties helping to reduce their energy bills.

There are two schemes:

1. Green Deal Scheme

The Green Deal Finance Scheme will require householders to obtain an energy report from a Green Deal Advisor who will recommend the measures required to meet the Green Deal Golden Rule (the savings from the measure(s) will exceed the cost of the installation). Qualified installers will complete the measures and you the customer will pay for these measures through your energy bill. The Green Deal Finance scheme started in 2013.

2. ECO Scheme

ECO is the Energy Company Obligation scheme which is a funding scheme to help homeowners have energy saving measures installed which may not meet the Green Deal Golden Rule. This for example will be for properties constructed of solid walls. Customers will be able to receive a reduction in the overall cost of the installation helping them to reduce their energy bills. HPS Plastering Ltd can help you get possible funding towards your proposed project and also can arrange a survey of the property to discuss all internal and external wall insulation requirements.

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